I hit a deer

Now that people who follow flogicallylawless are flo(gi)cking to my tumblr, there’s added pressure to be funny. Never fear, friends!

Anyway, last night a deer decided to use me as its implement of hari-kari. Here’s me driving along at 9:00 at night, when HERP A DERP a deer jumps out of nowhere. I slam on my brakes and scream like a girl. To clarify, I screamed like a 16 year old alto girl. It was a masculine enough sound that a girl would have been teased for making it, but feminine enough that a guy would be teased for it. No win situation. Hey adolescents, quit making fun of people for making opposite gender noises, it’s stupid like you!

I pulled over a little later and checked my car for damage. I knocked out one of the fog lights, which blows, but hey, at least I’m okay right?

When I drove by later, there was no sign of the deer, so either it survived or it’s a zombie deer, its sole purpose in life to DIMINISH MY VISIBILITY OF THE ROAD. AHHHHHHHHH

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